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creating possibilities for disabled children

Training the trainers …

Bamboozle has some exciting training projects and opportunities planned over the next three years, so our Artistic Director Christopher Davies thought there was no better time to begin our upskilling programme for Bamboozle artists to deliver training. 

Photo: An art gallery created from a session with Ashmount School students

With training and support from Education Co-Ordinator Nicole Arkless, this team of artists has been working on an education project with staff and students at Ashmount School in Loughborough. They worked with six groups over a three month period and explored a variety of creative scenarios alongside the behavioural and linguistic strategies that make up the Bamboozle Approach.

As well as offering training to Ashmount staff the project was specially designed to give the artists an opportunity to deepen their knowledge and experience of Bamboozle’s education work. The project has enabled Bamboozle to expand its education and training delivery team in order to meet the rising demand for its education programmes and training courses. It will also help us achieve our plans to create a network of training hubs in schools in Arts Council priority areas.

Over the next three years, we will be training school staff and local artists in the Bamboozle Approach – the training delivery team will be instrumental in ensuring a legacy impact for children and young people in those areas.

You may recognise the four team members who will be delivering training for us – Dawn Bowden, Craig Byrne, Kayleigh Cottam and Amy Lovelock – as they’ve worked with Bamboozle for many years. We can’t wait to see them leading projects in the future.

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