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creating possibilities for disabled children

We work with many different freelance theatre practitioners throughout the year.  If we have any specific projects that we are recruiting for, then these will appear on our ‘Join the Team’ page. If there isn’t anything specific advertised then we’d still be really pleased to hear from you if you would be interested to work with us in the future.  We’ll keep your information on file for 3 years, so that we can have it to hand when we are recruiting, but please make sure to check back and apply for specific opportunities when they come up.

The types of roles we usually need are:

  • Performer/ musicians – most of our work involves music, so we’re usually looking for performers who are also good singers and/or are able to play other instruments
  • Puppeteers – the majority of our work involves puppetry, so we’re interested in people with puppetry skills
  • Composers/ musical directors – most of our work uses original music
  • Designers and makers – as well as lead designers for our shows, we often need people with design and making skills to bring the designs together, source materials and/ or to refresh existing designs

You must be interested in direct engagement with learning disabled children and young people.  In our performers, it is the ability to make a personal connection with our audience which is the most important thing.

If this is an audience that you are passionate about working with and if you would like to develop your skills in this area, then you may also be interested in checking any training opportunities that we have available on our Education & Training pages. We don’t recruit people from our training courses, but as a world-leading company in making work for learning disabled audiences, we of course highly recommend our training for anyone interested in working in this area.

We work in a collaborative way and our work is best when we have a diverse mix of people involved in the collaboration, bringing a mix of skills, experiences and perspectives.  You can let us know about why you’re interested in working for us and what you would bring in whatever way suits you best, so long as you give us a good idea about what your experience is and how that would fit with the kind of roles and skills that we need. Please email this to info@bamboozletheatre.co.uk

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