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Harris’ Down to Earth Broth Recipe

On Saturday 5th September, we welcomed small groups of family bubbles along to Belgrave Hall for our first socially distanced outdoor performances of our production Down to Earth: a show designed for young audiences who might be described as having profound and multiple learning disabilities. 
This multi-sensory show evokes the atmosphere of a WWII allotment site using a mix of live music, puppetry, and movement. 
Harris and family came along to an afternoon performance and were welcomed warmly by Land Girls Betty, Doris and Mavis, and allotment keeper Arthur, who proudly showed them their vegetable garden. 

As part of the show, our audience members helped the Land Girls on the allotment by packing their own food boxes full of fresh vegetables and herbs to take away. 
Mum Jade told us “being outdoors added another dimension to the show, and brought a whole new sensory experience. Today’s performance was unique, uplifting and entertaining”. 
To follow on from the experience at home, Harris and family decided to make some delicious “Bamboozle Broth” from their haul of produce and sent us some great photos.

Step one: preparing the ingredients

Harris gathered the ingredients together ready to prepare for the broth: carrots, potatoes, onions, spring onion, a sweet potato, a stick of celery, a leek, a courgette, some ginger and garlic and a pot of honey. 

Step 2: chop up your vegetables 

Harris gets stuck in with chopping up veg, starting with the squeaky, stinky leek! 

Step 3: more chopping! Next comes peeling the crunchy carrots and slicing the courgette… 

Now we wait until it all cooks down… 

Step 5: Enjoy some delicious and healthy soup together!

Wow that broth looks so delicious! Many thanks to Jade and Harris for sharing your Down to Earth Broth recipe! We’re glad that you enjoyed the show and that the vegetables got put to good use.

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