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Support Bamboozle through online shopping

We’re all shopping online these days, did you know you could also be donating to Bamboozle for no extra cost using online donation platforms? Let us explain how:

Amazon Smile

If you are looking to purchase anything on Amazon you can follow these steps and Amazon will donate 0.5% of your spend to Bamboozle. It all adds up!

  1. Simply log in to Amazon smile in the way you would normally log in to Amazon using smile.amazon.co.uk
  2. Once you are signed in, all you need to do is pick Bamboozle Theatre as your chosen charity!
  3. Do your shopping and checkout once you have paid

Amazon donates 0.5% of what of the value of your purchase and you don’t pay a penny extra.


This works in a very similar way to GoRaise:

  1. Follow THIS LINK to sign up. Bamboozle will automatically receive a £5 donation!
  2. Create an account by filling in your details.
  3. Once you’re set up with an account, you can search from 3700 online retailers; clicking through to the retailer’s website from EasyFundraising enables the donation to be registered.
  4. At checkout, the donation is registered. (The percentages of donation made varies from retailer to retailer).


If you sign up to GoRaise, you can shop on over 3,000 retailer sites and they will donate a small amount every time you purchase anything.

  1. Follow THIS LINK to sign up, and Bamboozle will automatically receive a £2 donation.
  2. Once you’ve set up your account, you can search for the online retailer you want to visit; clicking through to the retailer’s website from GoRaise enables the donation to be registered at checkout.
  3. The retailer then donates to Bamboozle a percentage of the cost you pay, (the amount varies between retailers).
  4. Donation Reminder is a great add-on in order to not forget which retailers are part of the scheme: add this reminder to your browser and anytime you-re on a site that donates through GoRaise it will pop up reminding you to log in!

Happy shopping – and thanks for your support!

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