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Postcard from the Backyard

Episode 1

“The Dormouse Dilemma”

A video experience

Glendolin is a potion maker as well as an expert in wands, who often visits the Backyard

in between her travels to different lands.

She has been sent an SOS via balloon post from the Dormouse family at the Backyard with a dilemma! 

Their winter hibernation sleep has been disturbed.

In the video we see Glendolin at the Backyard trying to help the Dormouse family.

We watch Glendolin forage for ingredients in the Backyard, and making a ‘Sweet Dreams’ potion for the Dormouse family.

You can help Glendolin by creating your own special potion and

help the restless dormice get back to sleep!

How to take part in the ‘Postcard from the Backyard’:

It’s FREE! Just email us your address and your child’s name to kit@bamboozletheatre.co.uk and we will send a Backyard postcard by balloon post with your instructions for how to access the video – or watch the video below!

The activity will be delivered in true Backyard style – The ‘potion’ could be interpreted in any way that is appropriate and accessible for your child or young person. You can gather sensory ‘ingredients’ together (real or imagined) that will soothe, calm and comfort.

“My son came home to a postcard addressed to him, which on it’s own is exciting. Then after reading the postcard, we scanned the code and watched the wonderful video. Instantly he started stimming, his body relaxed and I could see he looked visibly more happy. We spoke about the potion and are planning to get the bits together to create our own potion during half term. He is so excited. Thank you! We’re really looking forward to making our own potion and we can’t wait to receive the next postcard. “   Kayleigh, parent

Glendolin is stood in the centre of a photo wearing a dark purple cloak and hat. She is holding a multicoloured patchwork bag. She is stood in a green, woody area full of lush plants and foliage. The photo has ripped edges and looks like it's from a scrapbook page with some pressed plants on top and masking tape on the edges. It has a vintage feel.

About Glendolin – The Potion Maker

Glendolin is an expert in all things magical!

She holds the highest Backyard qualifications in both potion making and wand weaving, and is famous for her weird and wild foraging finds from around the globe.

She can whip up a potion from her marvellous mind and 3 taps of her favourite wand.

Glendolin is most proud of her dragon cough potion, which has become a world wide best seller.

Need a remedy?  Glendolin has it!

A scroll with the Sweet Dreams Potion: Gather these things and you will see How mixing together they will be A potion made for creatures that sleep All through the winter without a peep. First get a jar and a mixing stick Then find these things to make magic: Something sparkly like the stars Something dark that’s like the night Something spooky that’s out of sight Then something soothing to make it right! Something cuddly like a hug Something quiet as a bug Something smelling so very sweet Something warm that’s nice to eat. Mix together and you will have A potion to sweep you off to sleep!

Dormouse facts

  • Dormice are mainly active at night and live in trees.
  • Dormice hibernate from about October to April.
  • Other mammals that hibernate are hedgehogs and bats.
  • Dormice eat the flowers from oak, hawthorn, sycamore, willow, honeysuckle and bramble, and fatten up on blackberries and hazelnuts ready for hibernating.
  • They can live up to five years, which is a long time for such a small animal!

Our in-person Backyard sessions are outdoors, immersive and specifically designed for families with children on the autistic spectrum.

>> Find out more about our Backyard sessions here.

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