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Postcard from the Backyard: Episode 3

Episode 3

“Little Wing’s Adventure”

A video experience

Where’s Fletcher? 

In episode two of the Hibernation Series we met Maggie in her lofty nest and explored her box of shiny things. 

A letter arrived by owl post. Maggie couldn’t read it as it was written in ‘owlese’ (owl language).  However, she finds out that the letter is, in fact, for Fletcher! 

Maggie sends the note by owl post to Fletcher, care of Little Wing.

In this episode we see the letter delivered by owl post to Little Wing. 

We join Little Wing as she tries to find Fletcher by visiting his favourite haunts and picking up clues as to where he is along the way.

How to take part in the ‘Postcard from the Backyard’:

It’s FREE! Just email us your address and your child’s name to kit@bamboozletheatre.co.uk and we will send a Backyard postcard by balloon post with your instructions for how to access the video – or watch the video below!

“My son came home to a postcard addressed to him, which on it’s own is exciting. Then after reading the postcard, we scanned the code and watched the wonderful video. Instantly he started stimming, his body relaxed and I could see he looked visibly more happy. We spoke about the potion and are planning to get the bits together to create our own potion during half term. He is so excited. Thank you! We’re really looking forward to making our own potion and we can’t wait to receive the next postcard.”   Kayleigh, parent

Little Wing is stood by the Backyard gates wearing a floral cloak, brightly coloured striped t-shirt and green trousers. She has long brown hair with a feather in. She is holding her hands up in a praying position and smiling at a family off camera.

About Little Wing

Little Wing is a Nature Detective, and can be found exploring at the Backyard come rain or shine.

You may have seen Little Wing drawing bugs and birds in her sketchbook. She is very curious about the hidden worlds she finds under logs and deep in the undergrowth.

Little Wing loves to watch the scuttling of the rolypoly bugs, listen to the hooting of the tawny owls and smell the sweet scent of the summer wildflowers.

Little Wing is also very knowledgeable about Owls and is often seen talking with her friend Fletcher, the Tawny owl, in Owlese. Listen to a Tawny owl’s call here.

She is always on the lookout for new adventures and is looking forward to seeing friends, old and new at the Backyard this summer!

Did you know …

• Owls have 3 eyelids! One for blinking, one for sleeping and one to keep the eyes clean.

• Owls don’t have eyeballs! They have tubes which act like binoculars so they can see their prey at long distances.

• Owls fly silently

• The smallest owl in the world is the elf owl at 12.5oz (40g)

• The biggest owl in the world is the Eurasian Eagle Owl at 10lb (4.5kg).

• Owls have been around for millions of years- 55, million years ago owls were 90cm tall!!

• Owls can be found in prehistoric cave paintings in France and Egyptian hieroglyphics.

• Baby owls are called owlets!

• A group of owls are called a wisdom or a parliament.

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