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Postcard from the Backyard: Episode 2

Episode 2

“Maggie Magpie & her shiny things”

A video experience

Join Maggie Magpie in her lofty nest to explore her Special Box of Shiny Things.  

See how things sparkle and shine, move and make sounds as Maggie brings her favourite shiny things out of the box- A golden helmet, the Queen’s spaghetti, and a very noisy hooter! 

Which is your favourite? 

Do you have a shiny thing at home? 

Maggie’s favourite shiny thing is the roll of foil . It is squiggy, scrunchy and makes sounds like the sea.  You can make different things with the foil, and Maggie makes a monster! 

She also makes a pendant which could also be a medal. 

You can make one too. In the little envelope attached to your postcard, you will have found some foil, a piece of card and a shiny bit of string.  You can watch how Maggie makes a pendant, and, if you want to, make your own.    

Maggie is interrupted by the owl post arriving and Maggie receives a message in a tiny scroll. 

The message is written in Owl language (Owlese) which Maggie doesn’t understand.  Maggie tries to read the message, but then sees that the message is actually for Fletcher – the pigeon? 

 Fletcher is an Owl !!!!  

Maggie really must brush up on her Owlese!!!

She sends the message by Owl Post to Fletcher.   

Let’s hope he gets it! 

I wonder what it says ? 

How to take part in the ‘Postcard from the Backyard’:

It’s FREE! Just email us your address and your child’s name to kit@bamboozletheatre.co.uk and we will send a Backyard postcard by balloon post with your instructions for how to access the video – or watch the video below!

“My son came home to a postcard addressed to him, which on it’s own is exciting. Then after reading the postcard, we scanned the code and watched the wonderful video. Instantly he started stimming, his body relaxed and I could see he looked visibly more happy. We spoke about the potion and are planning to get the bits together to create our own potion during half term. He is so excited. Thank you! We’re really looking forward to making our own potion and we can’t wait to receive the next postcard.”   Kayleigh, parent

Maggie Magpie is sitting in a hammock at the Backyard wearing blue shorts, a white tshirt and has a glittery hat on. She is looking at the camera with an expressive face.

About Maggie Magpie 

I’m Maggie Magpie, and I hatched in Sheepy Parva in spring 2010! 

I took my first flight a month later! I’m often seen around with my brother Mervin … we like to be in pairs! Some people think we bring good luck! 

I’ve always lived around Leicestershire, but I do have cousins all over the world – including Korea!!!

I love all that glitters …including glitter! And of course, hiding all my shiny finds! I also love music, and my favourite song is Three Little Birds. By Bob Marley!

My favourite thing is chattering in my nest at the Backyard over a peppermint tea and a mud pie! 

I do hope to see you there soon !

Ps- Did you like making the pendant?

Magpie facts

Magpie picture drawn by Chloe at the Backyard
  • The Magpie is from the crow family, and can be found around the world. 
  • The crow family are intelligent birds, and the magpie is no exception. It can recognise itself in a mirror, and can mimic our speech, as well as the sounds of other animals and birds. 
  • Another astonishing fact is the Magpies can recognise a human face for up to four years!
  • Magpies have an amazing sense of hearing. They can detect the sound of worms and grubs under the ground.  Good for a quick snack!
  • They look black and white, but actually some of their feathers are iridescent blue and green.
  • In Korea the Magpie is the national bird.
  • In the UK if you see a magpie on its own, people think it is a sign of bad luck, so they might say “Hello Mr Magpie’ to bring them luck instead.
  • However, Magpies mostly go about in pairs as they stay with their partner for life! 

There is an old English nursery rhyme called One for Sorrow.  It is a fortune telling rhyme about counting how many magpies there are in a group when they appear at family events. 

One for Sorrow 

Two for Joy 

Three for a Girl 

Four for a Boy 

Five for Silver 

Six for Gold 

Seven for a Secret never Told! 

One crow –     means bad luck.
Two crows –   means good luck or a change for the better.
Three crows – a celebration, a possible marriage or birth of a girl
Four crows–   the birth of a boy, or significant event with a son
Five crows –   a positive transaction
Six crows –     gold and wealth
Seven crows– a secret! 

Did you know, that the name for a group of Magpies is a ‘tribe’ or a ‘tiding?’ This is because Magpies are very social creatures. They live in groups of up to 50 birds and work together to build nests and care for their young. 

There is a lot more to find out about Magpies. 

Can you find a Magpie fact? 

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