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creating possibilities for disabled children

An Introduction to the Bamboozle Approach

These two courses explore key elements of the methodology that has been developed by Bamboozle practitioners over the past 25 years of working with children and young people with learning disabilities. The courses particularly reference working with young people who have learning disabilities, but are also relevant for anyone working with non-disabled young people.

“Bamboozle’s mesmerising production was all about the children –who engaged at every level. It brought me to tears to see our hard to reach children happy and motivated”.  Judith Chamberlain, Headteacher.

“Hooked in the hardest to reach pupils, and created a shared experience for children who struggle to relate to each other. Extremely high quality theatre. A little piece of magic.” Ian, teacher.

Our work is often described as ‘magic’. But it isn’t. It is the rigorous application of our beliefs, principles and strategies. These can be taught. We share our Approach with parents, carers, teachers and theatre practitioners in the UK and across the world – from Shanghai to Sydney; Malta to Melbourne; Sweden to Singapore. Sharing our Approach with practitioners and educators enables more and more disabled children to experience the highest quality theatre and explore their capacity to interact meaningfully with the world around them.

Part One: Creating an Enabled Space

On this one-day course you will:

  • Discover the Approach that Bamboozle uses to engage students and keep their attention and interest
  • Learn how to enable your students to focus for longer
  • Create a space where students learn easily and without fear of judgement
  • Learn how to use precise questioning techniques that empower students
  • Find out ways to give praise and encouragement that supports students’ self-esteem and learning
  • Discover how to create workshops / lessons that students always get involved with
  • Go away with lots of practical ideas you can use immediately•take away a course manual with practical ideas and seminar notes
  • Have lots of fun

What practitioners said after attending this course:

“Today has completely altered my outlook on how we communicate/educate children in terms of value judgements. SUCH a thought-provoking day which has boggled my mind and challenged me hugely. The day was full of inspiration. I have realised how much of my practice was influenced by Bamboozle from their last visit. Challenging ideas, creating debate and reflection. Invigorating day!” T. Drummond – Shakespeare’s Globe

“It was incredibly valuable training which I am very grateful to have experienced. A positively challenging experience.” Ellen Dowell – National Theatre

Part Two: How to engage children and young people and keep them interested

On this one-day course you will:

  • Find out ways to quickly and cheaply create an interesting setting for a workshop/lesson using the Bamboozle Approach
  • Learn lots of ways to bring students into the space
  • Look at how to define a space in which learning and fun activities can happen
  • Consider how we can create time and space so that students learn more easily
  • Learn the importance of how we are “being”
  • Look at how we can use silence to engage students with learning difficulties
  • See how using intensive interaction can quickly engage students
  • Have lots of fun

What one head teacher says about the impact of using the Bamboozle Approach:

“The Bamboozle Approach makes it emotionally safe for even the most reluctant of learners to commit themselves. Children with emotional and behavioural difficulties are often extremely reluctant to try new things. With Bamboozle, every student’s input is given value and this strategy builds individual confidence and gives the courage to contribute more. The Bamboozle Approach enables children to be reached, and their talents discovered, in ways which we have seldom seen”. David Lloyd – Principal of The Gateway School and Technology College

Dates, venues and fees

These courses usually take place at Bamboozle HQ, at Curve, Leicester or in other venues by arrangement. Due to the COVID situation no dates for these courses are currently scheduled. We hope to be able to publish new dates early next year. If you would like to explore possibilities for setting up a socially distanced training session at your venue please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the Contact page.

Schools and funded organisations: £147 for one day, £200 for both days

Freelance practitioners and self-funded individuals: £77 for one day, £100 for both days

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