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creating possibilities for disabled children

The Wildings

Outdoor immersive sessions specifically designed for families with children who are on the autistic spectrum.

On a quiet Wildlife plot on an allotment site in Leicester, is an oasis of calm and creativity waiting to be explored and brought to life by Bamboozle artists.

Being in nature has been proven to be a great healer, and over the last year, many of us have discovered the green spaces on our doorsteps and how important they have been for our wellbeing.

During the wilding experience, you and your child will be encouraged to relax and recharge alongside Bamboozle artists who will skillfully provide a safe and engaging space to explore the natural elements within the site. You may come across some of your favourite Bamboozle characters, like Arthur the gardener in Down to Earth. Each experience will be organic in the way it develops – it will be age-appropriate, child-led, and responsive to how the young person chooses to engage with the environment. Invitations of creative activities and stimuli will be made by the Bamboozle team.

If you would like to join Bamboozle in their Backyard and sign up for these FREE Wildings sessions please fill in the booking form below. Let us know the dates you can attend, and if you would like to attend on your own (just your family) or if you would be comfortable attending with just one other family. Due to the size of the space, we are confident we can safely adhere to socially distanced measures and accommodate up to 2 families/groups per session.

Please fill in the below booking form with your availability, you will then be contact if we have any sessions available that match your availability. Places are not guaranteed by filling in this form, a member of our team will always confirm a slot with you via phone or email. Places are offered on a first come first serve basis.

Booking form  

Each session will be up to 1 hr and half long.

Location – Rowley Fields Allotments 165 Meredith Rd, Leicester LE3 2EU

If you would like to find out more about these sessions or Bamboozle the organisation and its other opportunities please either email info@bamboozle.co.uk

Thank you to our funders!

We are able to provide these session for free thanks to vital investment from Arts Council England: National Lottery Project Grants; BBC Children in Need; The Henry Smith Charity and The National Lottery Community Fund. As well as Bamboozle’s individual, corporate and community supporters.


Re-Wilding Characters you might meet

                Glendolyn                                    Aurora Sue                                    Mac George                               

               Aurora Dawn                                     Tayosong                                      Chandeni                                    

                     Mirillow                                        Samaqua





Our Front of House performances are designed to bring a burst of live music and colour to your front door!

Our performances provide a 30-minute set of acoustic and electric songs from a team of three musicians and a technician. The team arrive and set up a festival-themed performance area in either a front of back garden, or on street outside your house.

Front of House performances have been designed to ensure that our team can remain socially distanced from each other and from our audience. In order to for us to set up, we’ll need room to put up a 3m x 3m gazebo, with at least another 3m in front of the gazebo, and a meter either side for speakers.

If weather permits, families can sit outside to enjoy the performance, or remain inside the home to enjoy the music, e.g. this set up is recommended if you and your family are shielding, or if social distancing might present an issue for your children.

We encourage neighbours to listen in from a safe distance, too, whether in their own gardens or from their doorsteps. We will provide flyers that you can put through letterboxes to notify neighbours about our visit in advance.

NEXT AVAILABLE DATES: Wednesday 11th, Friday 13th, Saturday 14th, Monday 16th and Sunday 22nd August. 

Our Front of House performances are available free for families on the above specified dates.

We are encouraging interest from those with Nottinghamshire postcodes, as this iteration of Front of House is part funded by Nottinghamshire County Council.

We aim to visit as many families as we can during a day, so places for performances are extremely limited, and are dependent on our ability to travel to you on our available date.

To enquire about booking a Front of House experience, please email: jennifer@bamboozletheatre.co.uk.

What families have said about our Front of House performances

“A special privilege of having a private concert on our front garden! My daughter laughed and danced and it felt so special to have those memories”. Andrea, parent

“I was humbled by the effort Bamboozle had gone to specifically to entertain my daughter. Our neighbours were thrilled to be invited and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was really lovely to see and be able to talk to people we hadn’t had any face to face contact with for some considerable time. It brightened up our weekend and lifted our spirits”. Iona, parent

“My daughter absolutely loved the performance, which was truly unique and something she hadn’t experienced before. She loved the fact that the performance was taking place in her garden and so she didn’t have the anxiety she would normally experience going out to a venue to see it. Tess, parent

“Amazing experience, so special just for our family. Unforgettable” Judith, parent

“It was something extremely special for my daughter as she has been shielding. It was a way of keeping her connected to the things she loves through this tricky time. Her visual difficulties mean she struggles to access things via a screen so this was perfect for her”. Joanne, parent

What you need to know

Recommended age range: flexible

Possible triggers: Loud music (volume can be altered as appropriate).

Download visual story

See an example of our flyer for neighbours


Please contact us via info@bamboozletheatre.co.uk and we will respond either via email or with a phone call if that is more suitable.

Photos of Bamboozle's AS production Moon Song at Shanghai Children's Art Theatre. An actress listens to the voice on a young audience member through a long silver tube.
Photo credit: Moon Song at Shanghai Children’s Art Centre, 2019

“It was magical to see how the pupils engaged with the show. The staff are so highly skilled and adjusted to every students’ needs”. Antonia Peters, Lakeside School.

Moon Song tells the story of Megan who falls asleep dreams of going to the moon where she encounters silvery creatures, flying saucers and shooting stars. Welcomed into the performance with relaxing music, audience members are invited to join Megan on a space-themed adventure.

This enchanting, intimate production is designed to put audience members at ease throughout, giving them space and time to move freely and experience the show in their own way.

Using Bamboozle’s calm approach, incorporating invitation and interaction, this sensory show caters for groups of six children on the autistic spectrum along with their families and carers or school staff.

About Moon Song:

Moon Song has toured to UK schools and theatres and toured internationally to Shanghai Children’s Art Theatre.

About Bamboozle’s shows for audiences on the autistic spectrum

Our Autism specific performances are intimate shows for a maximum group size of 6 children accompanied by their teachers, carers, or family group.

In school settings these performances are suitable for children who may be described as hard-to-reach, where we accommodate smaller group sizes of four audience members to enable a 1:1 ratio with our team of four performers.

Maintaining small audiences enables our team to provide a high level of focussed attention and the opportunity for intensive interaction. Each moment will be tailored to each child’s needs by a team of Bamboozle performers who are highly experienced in adapting to, and interacting with, children and young people who have a variety of complex and differing needs.

“Fantastic! Our students find everyday a challenge, often needing constant direction and support to keep themselves and others safe. Your performances allow our students freedom to be themselves and for us to observe them in a place they can connect and understand”. Alex Sawyer, Yeoman Park School.

“Very moving – it was incredible to see the actors interact with the children and the time that was taken to give attention to each child individually. It really felt like a safe space was created where the children could join in and express themselves”. Nosheen Rara, Phoenix Primary and Secondary School.

What you need to know

This show can be adapted for individual sensory sensitivities by informing our team of any particular sensitivities ahead of performances. The show includes moments of loud acoustic music, loud voices and interactive props.

Recommended age range: 6 – 14 years

Further information and resources

Watch our short film about the show

  Watch our longer film (20 minutes) with commentary from Artistic Director, Christopher Davies.

Listen to our Moon Song theme by artist Tayo Akinbode.

Moon Song Companion Pack for Teachers and Support Staff

We are currently unable to tour our production Moon Song due to health and safety issues presented by COVID-19. We will update this information page when the production becomes available in the future.





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