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Moorcraft Vase: Globeflower

Photo of Moorcroft vase: Globeflower, a floral design in mustard yellow and black

The Globeflower design is part of the Three Williams Collection, 2014. The collection was inspired by the work of William Moorcroft, William De Morgan, and William Morris. This design was influenced by William Moorcroft. Designed by Vicky Lovatt.

The designer who had to work with a more limited colour palette. Vicky created her enlarged flower design based on Trollius (or Globeflower).  She chose a very simple combination of black and white metallic oxides combined on a mustard yellow body which is extremely unusual.  In doing this, the warm tones of yellow really stand out as the buttery petals of her Globeflower.

The back stamp shows the designers’ symbol (Heart within a heart), also, being a limited edition, the full signature of the designer. Design copyright date 2013 and the date of manufacture 2014, denoted by the Yacht symbol.

A limited edition of 75 pieces. Number 46.

Kindly donated by Ann Height

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